Race Reports

TVKC Club Meeting 31st January 2010

First proper race in my KF3, icy conditions, freezing cold and Trent Valley has a bumper turn out.

There are 24 KF3's racing, we notice everyone has the new TM engines and brand new karts, I'm still finding my feet with a 2008 Tonykart and XTR engines, we planned to get new equipment in time for the British Championship rounds.

Finishing 19th and 18th, we can soon tell that nour older equipment is just lacking in horsepower and crispness that the others have, Paul my mechanic, with the help of Kieran Crawley try their best with what we have got, but Keiran says its too old to be competitive at this level ,it didnt matter in the final, because I got a shunt front behind which caused me to spin, by the time I recovered I was half a lap down.

Next week will be a different story we are going to have all new!!

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