Race Reports

TVKC-PFI Club Meeting 5th July 2009

Generally quiet club meeting with Super 1 going on elsewhere. Some where there to practice for the next round of the British Championship. Jacques needed a good finish in the final to lead the club championship.

Heat 1 Jacques is going well running 4th and making progress, he goes down the inside of James Kellett and another driver, but from behind Ryan Morgan follows and  deliberately rams Jacques off the track with full force, Jacques managed to limp home in 20th. Clerk on the course and marshalls witnessed the move and disqualified Morgan, unfortunately not giving him points though.

Heat 2 hoping the kart was OK Jacques started 17th and finished 9th, but not finding the pace he had earlier and the day before.  Heat 3 struggled to finish 11th,  In the final Jacques finished 8th still struggling, but just gained enough points to lead the club chamionship.

Yes the kart was badly bent and had to be straightened by ZIP on the monday,THANKS RYAN MORGAN!!

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