Race Reports

TVKC-PFI Club Meeting 7th June 2009

A very different weekend cold and wet, in Heat 1 the track is dry but it is just starting to rain lightly a slight miscalculation on tyre pressures and Jacques has to settle for 6th place. Heat 2 it is now raining hard and the track is very wet, Peter knows the perfect set up for this here and it shows, a strategis move they put Jacques at the back of the pack to avoid the first corner spins and with some brilliant driving in awful conditions Jacques picks them off 1 by 1, two laps to go his old friend Harry Webb is in his sights currently leading, Jacques is over a second a lap faster so pulls him in quickly, Harry defends well but Jacques passes him and goes on to take the win. Fantastic. Heat 3 they try the same tactics again from the back but doesnt quite work the same and Jacques gets a little held up with spins,soon catches the pack back and starts to work his way through, but the laps runout when he is up to 6th but he and James Stamp both have the fastest lap.

Jacques is due to start 2nd on the grid for the A final next to Harry but the weather is so bad the track is flooded and the meeting is abandoned, but it hasnt gone to waste as Jacques will be awarded 2nd place points and receive the 2nd Place trophy.

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