Race Reports

Brazilian cup -Whilton Mill Club Meeting 31st May 2009

A hot weekend, and a different format with timed practice to determine a top 10 shoot out before the heats.

We are struggling with too much grip in the corners which is slowing Jacques down, he just scrapes into the top 10 shoot out in 9th and only improves to 8th for Heat 1, still struggling with grip he finished 9th, in Heat 2 starting 9th he finished 9th, afew more changes for heat 3 and a slight improvement Jacques finishes 6th. Before the A final we discover the bearings are loose around his axle, thats causing the trouble we think, this is changed but no testing aavailable to adjust engine, much better but could have been a lot better if we had found the problem earlier, Jacques finished in 7th, but most importantly the consistent points he accrued means he is now in 2ND POSITION IN THE WHILTON MILL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP.

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