Race Reports

Club Meeting TVKC-PFI, nr. Newark 3rd May 2009

A small grid of cadets due to other events going on around the country, 3 heats and a final with long 12 lap heats. Heat 1 Jacques torms through from 3rd to lead by lap 1, Jacques extends his lead and holds it well putting in consistently faster lap times, by lap 9 Jacques lead over Sam Vanderpump and the rest is around 15 seconds, two back markers come in his sights about to be lapped by Jacques,marshalls not watching the race last minute put out the blue flag, Jacques passes one safely, the other not realising Jacques was coming and at such pace, flusters and turns into him, they both spin off, Jacques does manage to get going but by now Sam has caught up and goes past, Jacques finishes well in 2nd. Heat 2 from 5th Jacques matches James Kellett and Sam Vanderpump for pace and the three cross the line together Jacques in 3rd. Heat 3 Jacques drove a brilliant tactical race, he trailed the same two again just sitting on their bumpers, when the last lap board was put out he made his move, first a great pass on James Kellett, then half a lap to go another great move on Sam Vanderpump, Jacques pulles away slightly to WIN. Then in the pits it is announced the lap scorers made an error and they had done 13 laps the result from one lap earlier would stand, would you believe it.

In the final Jacques lines up 2nd next to Sam , this means the wrong side of the track, Jacques slots himself in as soon as he can behind James Kellett and again the three get away from the rest,14 laps to go though. All three were virtually identical in lap times throughout making it very difficult for anyone to make a move, they stayed together to the end, and Jacques took a very positive 3rd.

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