Race Reports

Round 1 Formula Kart Stars 11th April 2009 Kimbolton

Saturday was the opening round of the newly named British Cadet Championship called Formula Kart Stars,ususal format  with 63 cadets from all over the country competing, 3 out of 7 heats would determine your place in either the C, B or A final. Jacques managed to get up to 7th ,11th and 12th in his heats, he would

start 19th in the A final, by the end of lap 1 Jacques was 8th, fantastic, but as the long 12 minute race progressed Jacques tyres began to lose grip and he was passed by one or two each lap, Jacques was holding on to about 13th by the last lap, when a tap on the last corner pushed him wide and 4 or 5 went through, a dissapointing 20th, but still good points earned for the day.

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