Race Reports

MSA Kartmasters GP 1/2/3rd August 2008 PFI

Mark is back with us and lots of help from Leon at Soixante, hopes for a top 15 finish are strong. Heats on Saturday however could have gone better as we struglle with set up. Int the first final Jacques starts in 18th, and is storming his way through in the pack all fighting for 11th place, unfortunately Charlie Bryant loses control just in front and Jacques catches his back bumper causing him to sip out onto the grass and regains in last place (28th), with only a few laps left he catches the back markers but has to settle with 25th, thats where he will start in the grand final.  The Grand Final comes and we laughingly tell Jacques to make up 15 places in the race, and we couldnt believe it as lap after lap Jacques passed Kart after kart gaining all the time and when the flag came down Jacques had made up 15 places to finish 10th at Kartmasters,WOW we were all in tears.


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