Race Reports

Round 5 Stars of Tomorrow Llandow, Wales
Mark came to Wales to help again, we needed it as this was a new track to us. Jacques was doing very well in his heats, in one heat however the chequered flag and last lap board was shown twice, resulting in all the leaders coming in to the pits and the back markers going through to win, Jacques had finished in 10th place we thought, with lots of screaming to stop him going in to the pits Jacques then crossed the line in 12th, but the back markers gaining lots of points over Jacques in this heat affected us badly when it came to the finals.Jacques unfortunately found hinself 7th on the grid in the B final with only the top 4 to go through.Jacques drove well to make it up to 5th having survived the bad driving of Tom Harvey who likes to ram you if you try to pass him. Toby Sowery, TJ Nelson, Gregor Ramsey and Sam Webster had found themselves in the B Final and were therfore in front of Jacques, a tall order and Jacques ran out of laps to try for 4th.

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