Race Reports

Brazilian Cup Whilton Mill, 1st June 2008

Arrived Sunday morning to a very quiet Whilton Mill, first we had a ten lap qualifying session, the kart was poor,

then we only had 1 heat of 20minutes plus 1 lap, starting from the back, things didnt go much better, we are all getting really fed up now, what is wrong with this thing all of a sudden?

Then in the final, again 20 minutes plus 1 lap, I sped of initially taking quite a few places, then coming to the long straight up the hill for the second time the kart just died, got it going again, crawled up the hill, then it sped up again, until I came to the straight up the hill again, when the engine kept dying and I crawled up the hill, every time this happened. I manged to finish the race , some didnt but it was very dissapointing. Afterwards our engine builder said it would be a fuel pipe in the tank that Zip keep leaving too long , which cuts the petrol off from the engine at times, good old zip again.

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