Race Reports

Kimbolton 11th May 2008 New Track club meeting

Our engines are now being looked after by Soixante Racing and we are much more confident, and going much better.Its a very hot weekend and the new track looks good at Kimbolton. Heat 1 goes well, Heat 2 is going very well having made it up to 2nd for a while then dropped to 3rd, but on lap 7 No44 rammed me out on the grass to get past, I recovered and managed to finish 6th.

Heat 3 I started 8th, I made it up to 4th by lap 3, thrn on lap 6 Kart 44 decided he wanted to come through again and rammed me off again, again i recovered quickly to catch up in time to see Kart 44 take himself and another kart off in front of me I missed them both and regained my 4th place to finish. Kart 44 needs to go back to driving standards to learn this is a non contact sport.

In the final it is announced we will be doing a 16 lap final, this is unheard of in Cadets out heats were only 8 laps. I am starting 4th on the grid. By the first corner I am up to 2nd, but my kart is gripping up too much, soon Toby Sowery and then Charlie Savage have caught me and gone past, by lap 5 I am running well in 3rd holding Harry off . Lap 11 Harry makes a mistake and drops back, I am half way round the track on the last lap third place is in my sights, my best ever finish in a final at Kimbolton, then kart 42 knocks me off on the corner, this time I cant recover and Im stuck on the grass. Thats it its all over, all that hard work gone to waste, and my third place trophy stolen from me, i was so disappointed.

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