Race Reports


Today we are on our own again and unfortunately the weather is very different, its raining a little, so we opted for our old faithful engine in the wet  and hoped for the best, it didnt go as well  as we hoped and after 3 mid pack heat finishes we knew we were heading for the B final. I started 4th in the B final, if i can stay 4th or above I will make the A final, within the first couple of laps I was in third , on the hairpin I positioned myself to take 2nd place , then got a wack from behind and ended up spinning off, by the time it was able to get back on the track most of them had gone past, I made a few places back up but it wasnt enough to get me through to the A final, so near, yet so far, If only!

By the end of Round 2   i am lying in 27th position in the championship table, mid way is very good for my first year in Karting a lot of the other Cadets have been racing for years, and their Dads before them. My Dad and I are Rookies at this, so I think we are doing well.

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