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September Wed - 15th 2010MSA KArtmasters GP PFI Nr. Newark 1st August 2010

Had a good weekend overall, in the heats had steady finishes of 12th and 10th, and my pace was good too. In the first final I finished 12th and was as fast as the winner.

In the Grand Prix final  another good steady finish of 9th overall. All good experience in my rookie year in KF3.

July Fri - 9th 2010I Secure New Sponsor Marshall Toyota (Kings Lynn)
During my time off in June we have been working very hard to secure additional sponsorship, and I am very pleased to welcome Marshall Toyota (Kings Lynn) . I hope this will be the beginning of a long, successful and very fruitful partnership, and I would like to Thank them very much for their support and believing in me.
July Fri - 9th 2010Formula Kart Stars Glan y Gors North Wales 3/4th July 2010

After whats seems a long break from racing I was back in the seat for Formula Kart Stars in North Wales, with my team mate Ed Jones. I have only driven this circuit as a cadet, so this will be another learning curve.

Saturday is a good solid day coming 7th in both heats and the final, Sunday the weather has changed and it is raining a little. So all new again.  In qualifying for 5 minutes of the 10  minute session I held pole position, but as my tyres went off and the rain stopped temporarily, a few others snuck in front of me, but it was great to hold pole for a while. I had trouble with getting the best out of my tyres in these changeable conditions, its quite an art in KF3, due to the speed, so not such a good day, but good solid points finishing all races and coming 9thin the final.

Next I am off to the MSA Kartmasters GP at PFI near Newark 1st August. 

June Thu - 17th 2010June 2010
Im taking a break at the moment to catch up with school work as i have missed quite a lot of time, I also have school exams this month, so I need to be in school as much as possible to prepare. I will be back at Glan-y-Gors in North Wales, for the next round of Formula Kart Stars with the team MSport and my teammate Ed Jones.
June Thu - 17th 2010Formula Kart stars Whilton Mill May 2010

This weekend was great, it was the first time I had been to Whilton in my KF3, I know the track well from Cadets, where last year, I finished in the top 3 regularly. We turned up on the Friday morning, I had just the day to get the hang of the track in my Zanardi.  Saturday started slowly, but the heats were good finishing 8th in both, in the final I got a great start climbing up to 4th, but a tiny mistake allowed 4 past me, as the racing was so close, but 8th wasnt a bad finish. All to do again tomorrow.

ON Sunday the heats were better still, I got great starts both times, and finished 7th in both heats. Then the final came, I was beginning to feel sore from the track being so demanding and bumpy, on the first lap the was an accident in front of me, and I had to take to the grass to avoid it, by the time i was back on the track and getting my tyres back up to speed the front pack had gone, the adrenaline took me round for the long 21 lap race, but by the end I was in a lot of pain. I think I need to pad my seat out much much better.

Hi if you or your company love motorsport and want to help me on my road up the motorsport ladder, together we will be recognized around the country and especially as a team in Nortolk. I am currently sponsored by Adrian Flux Insurance, but as the costs esculate , I am looking for additional help. If you would like to join me please contact me by email  peteclaud.morley@virgin.net
May Thu - 6th 2010KF3 Larkhall Super 1 and CIK Fia European Qualifier

Wow, first trip up to Scotland with the team and teammate Ed, heats were good gained a mid pack start for the First Final, only to get a puncture on the first lap. All to go for in Final 2, starting at the back, we take a gamble, as it looks like rain and go for high tyre pressures, sadly it didnt rain so the gamble didnt pay off.

Huge event the CIK-Fia European Qualifier, held in this country for the first time in 18 years. I am the youngest to race only just qualifying for my international licence in time. I am racing against some of the best from the UK, France, Spain, Portugal,Switzerland and Monaco. Thursday, Friday and Saturday practices go better than we could have hoped for, I am consistently at the top of the list, I am one of the fastest!!!

Qualifying, we are split into 3 groups, I go out in Group 1, its raining, and I take the flag first, so I dont get my fastest lap counted, also by Group 3 its sunny and the track is drying, this pushes my 10th place down the pack. So for my 4 heats I will start in the danger zone, mid pack!! Heat 1 goes OK I hold my own and finish a respectable 13th, Heat 2, huge pile up on lap 1, my kart is mangled. Heat 3 I get pushed off the track again. Heat 4  after being pushed to last on the grass on the 1st lap, I fought my way back up to 14th, but unfortunately, I had too many points now to qualify. What started so well!!  But thats racing.

Had I have qualified I would have been the youngest Brit to have gone through. and I so nearly did.


March Mon - 15th 2010I sign with M Sport Race Team, and get a Zanardi Kart

I am really excited to say I have just signed with Kieran Crawley  and his M Sport Racing Team, who are the sole importers in the UK for Zanardi. So I Have a Zanardi Kart and suit, and together we are ready to take on the world of KF3. I have a new team mate called Edward Jones he is 15 and a really nice guy. I'm sure we have great times ahead. For the details of how I was asked to sign with Zanardi visit their website.




February Wed - 3rd 2010First Proper KF3 Race at TVKC

I have been out testing with the other KF3 drivers before Christmas, and we were really pleased I had held my own well amongst the best, but with the bad weather and Christmas I hadnt been out for 6 or 7 weeks.

We are still running our older Tonykart and XTR engines, which had been fine, but now they all had new TM engines and brand new karts, and it showed, I overtook where I could, but down the straights they had more horsepower. Never mind Mum and Dad have decided to go with Kieran Crawley and MSport, along with a new engine and new Zanardi Kart, my mechanic Paul will still be with me, and hopefully between us we will have a great year of racing ahead.

January Wed - 20th 2010TVKC Trophies bring some great press coverage.

Since I went to the awards evening and received my trophies from Nigel Edwards for winning their Cadet Championship, thanks to the PR of Influx, I have been in not only the local paper, but I made Autosport News and Lewis Hamilton wins website, but also on Christmas Eve I was the lead news story on the front page of the UK Karting website, I like this, I could get used to this.

Well I will have heave to get used to a lot of cameras as Formula Kart Stars and Super 1 which I am competing in this year is filmed for  viewing on Sky Sports and Motors TV, sometimes the Formula 1 tv crew come as Formula Kart Stars is linked to Formula 1 by Bernie Ecllestone and Lewis Hamilton. Did I tell you that my TVKC trophy was won by Lewis Hamilton in 1996, and now my name is alongside his!!!!!

Anyway all the TV coverage will be great for me and my Sponsors Influx (Adrian Flux Insurance.)


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