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January Sun - 17th 2010Moving on to KF3

Mostly I have only practiced so far and usually when Paul Wildes runs me I am really competitive so I am looking forward to racing at PF (TVKC) at the end of January, we should have been at Shenington last week with Paul and Steve (snakebite) but it was snowed off so havent been out for some time know, cant wait to get out there.  KF3 is seen as an elite class and is very expensive, so we will need all the support we can get.

Wish me luck.

January Sun - 17th 2010Bring you up to date as I have finished in Cadets.

I am really pleased that I have finished Cadets now, as really I am too tall and 5kg over the weight, so I am at a disadvantage, but more importantly I have started testing in my KF3, which is a full size kart and its really quick, hitting up to 80mph down a long straight. So as you might guess my cadet feels really slow if I have to get back in it. Anyway now that all the club championships have finished for 2009 we will tell you a summary of what I have achieved in Cadets in 2009.

                                       19  Trophy winning finishes (11 top 5)

                                  Resulting from  51 Top 10 Heat finshes, inlcuding 21 top 5 Finishes.

                                       6 Fastest Laps.

                                  2009 Ace and King of Clubs I represented TVKC- Heat 1  2nd

                                                Heat 2 4th, Heat 3  4th  and Final finished 3rd.


                I Also Achieved a very close 3rd in the Whilton Mill Cadet Championship.

                                       In Formula Kart Stars  I had 8 top 10 heat finishes, 7 top 15

                                        and I finished top 20 in 7 out of 9 A finals.

      all in all an excellent finish to Cadets for Jacques, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped Jacques to achieve what he has, without them we wouldnt have made it, they are:

                                  Leon at Soixante for always looking after our best interests with our engines.

                             Steve and the guys at Snakebite racing, for their support, and guideance.

                             And Our Sponsors Influx @ Adrian Flux Insurance, whose backing and PR helps us

                             help Jacques up that racing ladder, Thankyou to Gerry and all.

December Mon - 15th 2008December 2008

Three Club championships entered this year but I missed a few of each of their rounds, but I still finished in really good places considering how many I had missed:

                  Kimbolton (HKRC)  Finished 8th overall  (missed 4 rounds)

                  PFI-Trent Valley Kart Club  Finished 10th overall (missed 4 rounds)

                  Whilton Mill    Finished 11th overall  (missed 4 rounds)

Im feeling much more confident now and things are getting better and better I am becoming more consistent and I think a real competitor. Bring on 2009.


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